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Fujian province red sun products co., LTD

Founded in fujian province red sun boutique co., LTD1994Years,Is a concentration of pickles、Leisure vegetarian dishes such as research and development production and raw material planting、Sales of specialized enterprises。The company's total investment3Hundred million yuan,Covers an area of about 65 m,Owns standard workshop 2.6Square meters,The main research and development production"The st"Series of pickles(Mustard、Cabbage、Vegetables、The crisp melon、Carrot、Crispy bamboo shoots、Needle mushroom, etc)、Ready-to-eat seaweed、Fermented bean curd、Marinated egg, etc。Products in the traditional channels、Offline store、Online have good expressive force,Market coverage to fujian and east China、Central China、South China, and many other provinces and regions。In recent years,The company also with the hubei good parts shop、Hangzhou grass bouquet、Shanghai to Iraq、In sichuan JiXiang snacks and dishes such as leading brand and yong hui、Wal-mart、Rt-mart、Metro、The appropriate chain stores, such as cooperation,OEM for production...

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  • 2009China's well-known trademarks

  • 2013.10Little giant of science and technology

  • 2013.10Innovative companies at the provincial level

  • 2015Enterprise engineering technology research center

  • 2016.09Science and technology enterprises in fujian province

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  • 01Pickles carcinogenic five big misunderstanding

    The st series of fermented bean curd,From Japan、Taiwan strains fermentation technology,The pea billet、Soy beans、Brown rice fermentation in the bottle,Produce a series of fermented bean curd class is high,Good quality,Has the fragrant、Recorded moderate、So tender、Rich nutrition、Exquisite...

  • 02How to choose and safe、

    Chinese pickles webex: Guangdong province pledges inspect bureau yesterday issued a notification involved pickles、Candied fruit, etc9Regular sampling inspection of food production,One of them,The sampling inspection17The unqualified batch samples of pickles1Batch。 How to choose and safe、Can be...

  • 03Pier card, etc5Batch honey detected violations

    The holy leisure snack is2011In the company for snack food market a new product development and the launch of the new。It overturns the traditional pickles from the consumption habits of consumption patterns,The pickles from traditional dishes on the table into a leisure food,Whether you are in...

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